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Drafty or Tight

It’s common question with answers as unique as your home.  Older homes often have many air leaks, which compromise comfort & efficiency.  Newer homes are fairly tight and generally need mechanical ventilation to provide fresh air exchange for the occupants.  Yet describing a home as "older” or “newer” is subjective, so measurement needs to be made to know exactly how leaky the building enclosure is.  And while most every home has been insulated, persistent seasonal comfort issues or icicles are proof that air leakage and insulation have opportunities for improvement.  Good materials, installed improperly, will not perform as expected.

Performing a Blower Door Test determines the overall leakiness of the home, and using an infrared camera allows us to see exactly where outside air is getting in through the walls, ceiling, etc.  This helps creates a punch-list for Targeted Air Sealing.

For a typical 10-40 year-old home, targeted air sealing can reduce leakage by 20-30%.  Further sealing can be achieved when windows & siding are replaced or along with roof replacement.

New construction homes can be very tight, which results in even comfort and very good efficiency.  But mother nature can’t provide fresh-air exchange in a tight home, so mechanical ventilation is necessary – by Code.  Does your home have or need mechanical ventilation to ensure good Indoor Air Quality?  Is it set properly, and has it been maintained? 

Education is the most important tool a homeowner, contractor, or architect can employ to better understand Building Science and the overall performance of a home.  And like clothing, systems in a home need to be properly sized – bigger isn’t always better. 

Learn more with BPI’s Building Science Principles (BSP).  This is a non-technical course that is valuable to home owners, inspectors, remodelers, contractors, builders, architects, and any of their office support staff.   

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