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Ventilation is used to manage moisture and heat in attics and crawlspaces, yet most ventilation is undersized and poorly incorporated.  As many as 4 different trades must coordinate on a new home to properly ventilate the attic.  A lack of coordination results in most attics being poorly ventilated – leading to mold growth and structure deterioration.   While attics and crawlspaces are physically connected to a home, the air, moisture and pollutants in these spaces should not be exchanged with the rest of the home.  The attic and crawlspace ventilation must be separate from the fresh air exchange to the living space.

When: December 21st, 8:00am - 12:00pm

Where: Nicor Gas 1844 Ferry Rd Suite 128 Naperville, IL 

In partnering with Illinois Home Performance we are now able to offer this course at the reduced price of $44. Click the link below to sign up for this course through Event Brite!

The Building Science Training Series draws upon local and regional experts to impart specific technical skills to local contractors. The course address topics that have been identified as relevant for Illinois contractors in order to prepare them for quality whole-home energy upgrade work and participation in the Illinois Home Performance program. This series is made possible through funding from the Illinois Energy and Recycling Office at  the Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity.