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In the past, construction and remodeling were done without the knowledge available today. Therefore, most existing homes have problems that go undiagnosed. The complications can range from poor insulation, to air leakage, to improperly sized HVAC systems. More often than not there is a combination of these issues.

Building Science considers the house as a single integrated system with air flow as the key to understanding it.

Controlling air flow leads to immediate improvements in comfort, indoor air quality, safety, and increased energy efficiency - making those improvements cost effective.

Design Consultation 

Integrated design and verification testing for the building or for renovating a home.

Pre-Sale Walk Through

A thorough walk through of a seller's home to proactively address any issues a buyer's inspector may find. The inspection includes photos and infrared images of the home and a to do list for the Home Owner before putting their home on the market.

Owner's Representative Service

Have Insight manage your project to eliminate communication errors and call backs.