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As of January 2016, the 2015 Illinois Energy Conservation Code (2015 IECC) went into effect throughout the state and is applicable to all residential new construction. While the code’s enforcement may vary among municipalities, it is a state law that contractors must comply with. Don’t assume because a code official failed to mention required Building Leakage or Duct Leakage testing, that you won’t be tested before receiving your Occupancy Permit.  Assume you will be tested and prepare for that day. Contact Insight now to better understand the requirements, train your employees to the new standards and test your jobs to comply with the code. 

Click here for more information about Code Compliance and click here to read a review of the new 2015 IECC. 

Duct Leakage

All ducts passing through unconditioned space (attics, garage ceilings, cantilevered floors, etc) must be tested for leakage. The test should be performed as soon as the supply & return ducts are ‘roughed in’ – before they are covered by insulation & drywall. The furnace/AC does not need to be installed for the test. 

Insight can help train your employees in cost effective duct sealing techniques (use Mastic – NOT foil tape) and serve as the approved 3rd party to test those duct sections for leakage. This process does not have to add significant time & cost to your projects if you consult with Insight for cost saving strategies.

Building Leakage

In addition to increasing insulation requirements for homes, 2015 IECC limits building air leakage to 5 air changes per hour as tested by a Blower Door (≤ 3 ACH50). This test should be completed by an approved 3rd party as soon as the home has 6 closed surfaces (foundation, walls/windows/doors, and ceiling). Be sure all overhangs, offsets, and chases are air sealed. Insight can help you succeed.


Errors are easiest (and cheapest) to repair when found early.  Test the Duct and Building Leakage as soon as possible!