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As any good contractor knows, a home acts as a system. While you may be an expert in one or many of the individual systems within a home, all system interactions need to be taken into consideration when seeking solutions to a problem.

A Home Performance Test will uncover hidden issues and reveal the full extent of known problems. An accurate diagnosis is crucial in developing a comprehensive set of solutions. With this information you can provide your customer with a complete work scope that resolves the underlying issues as well as the reported symptoms.  This allows you to build out your bids as well as better serve your customer.

Insight Property Services provides Home Performance Testing services for contractors who understand the value of the testing but are not yet prepared to invest in the training and equipment. Subcontracting the home performance analysis to Insight provides multiple benefits:

  • Offer comprehensive home performance contracting services
  • Partner with the area’s leading auditing and training company
  • Obtain high quality analysis with an easy to understand report
  • Increase your work scope and grow sales
  • Have happier customers by fully resolving their problems and eliminating call-backs
  • Get more referrals from your satisfied customers