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What types of investigations are available?

1. A Home Inspection is for buyers who want to know about the general condition of all the home’s systems before purchase. Finding issues before the closing may allow the buyer to ask for considerations to pay for things like radon mitigation, structural problems, and furnace replacement. 

What types of investigations are available?
Why do I need a Home Performance Audit for my home or business?
What will a Home Performance Audit tell me about my home?
How much does Home Performance Audit cost?
How long does a Home Performance Audit take?
Will I have to be there for the entire audit?
Will the auditor make the repairs?
How do I schedule an audit?
Does where I live make a difference?
How do I need to prepare for the Home Performance Audit?
Does it have to be cold out to perform an energy audit on my home?
What can I expect to get after the Home Performance Audit?
Do I have to use the contractors you recommend?
What is the Blower Door test?
What is a Duct Leakage Test?
What is an Infrared Camera and when is it used?
I am a contractor building new homes. Why do testing?
Can a house be too tight?