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Healthy Home CheckUp

Peace of Mind, Because it's Home.

How often do you go into the attic to inspect for leaks, or look in your basement or crawlspace for signs of moisture or pests? When was the last time you removed your dryer vent to look for an accumulation of lint that could pose a fire hazard? 
Most Homeowners don't have the time or the know-how to spot potential health and safety hazards until they become major problems that often result in the need for expensive repairs, or cause illnesses or even injury that could easily have been prevented. 

Your family spends about 70 percent of their day inside the home. Doesn't it make sense to assure that your home is healthy and safe? 

Injuries in the home result in millions of ER visits each year. 

These injuries are most common in older adults and young children. Research shows that injuries are preventable in many cases by simple repairs or modifications to your home. 

The Healthy Home Checkup -- We're with you all the way. 

The Healthy Home Checkup is designed to identify potential health and safety problems before they can cause injury or health issues. It relies on a science-based protocol that uses a visual assessment plus diagnostic testing to check your home for hazards and deficiencies, and then provides practical recommendations to correct them. 
A Healthy Home Assessor will carefully inspect your home to identify any health and safety issues that need to be addressed. All of the Assessor's findings are contained in an easy-to-read report, which lists the deficiencies and hazards found, the recommended repairs, and associated notes and photographs, which are conveniently organized by your home's room and area types. The Assessor's recommendations can then be taken to a qualified contractor or other specialist experienced in these types of repairs. 

When do I need a Healthy Home Checkup?

Homeowners should schedule a Healthy Home Checkup at least every five years. Additionally, there are specific life cycle events when having a Healthy Home Checkup would provide peace of mind:

  • Purchase or rental of a home
  • Listing a home for sale or rent
  • Birth of a child or the presence of young children
  • Member of the family being treated for existing health issues or illness
  • Member of the family having special mobility needs or physical limitations
  • Elderly family member or disabled person moving into the home
  • Family member aging in place 
  • Recovery after an event causing major structural damage (fire, flooding, windstorm)
  • Completion of major renovations or remodeling

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