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Insight helps you get started right by diagnosing your home’s underlying issues and recommending a detailed, prioritized plan of action.

Whether you are buying/selling a home or are considering a construction project on your existing home, call Insight to ensure your decisions are based off of the best possible advice.

In the past, construction and remodeling were done without the knowledge available today. Most existing homes have undiagnosed problems spanning from poor insulation to air leakage to improperly sized HVAC systems. More often than not, there is a combination of these issues.

Insight Property Services offers Indoor Air Quality Testing in ChicagolandBuilding Science considers the house as one integrated system with air flow as the key to understanding it. Controlling air flow leads to immediate improvements in comfort, indoor air quailty, safety, and increased energy efficiency – making improvements cost effective.

A Home Performance Audit is a series of tests that reveal the underlying causes of your home’s issues along with opportunities for improvement. The included follow-up test verifies the quailty of work done and checks fresh air ventilation for proper indoor air quality. Combustion safety testing is done before and after work is finished and ensures that safety issues, such as CO and gas leaks, are identified.