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Learn more about home energy audits, infrared diagnostic testing, home performance, the economics of energy efficiency vs. renewables, and other essential information to start making your house more comfortable (and more affordable) today:

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What is a Whole House Energy Audit?

An Energy Audit for a house is the first step in improving your home's energy efficiency. Start here to learn what it's all about!


air sealing

Can a Home be TOO Tight?

One of the most common myths among homeowners is that it's a good thing for their homes to be leaky. Check this out to get the scoop on the relationship between air sealing, energy efficiency, and proper ventilation.


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What is Infrared Diagnostic Testing?

One of the most essential (and easily the coolest) components of a basic Home Energy Audit is Infrared Diagnostics. Click here to see why it's so darn cool.


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What is Home Performance?

Home Performance is one of the crucial new terms in building science and home energy efficiency, but one that hasn't yet broken into the mainstream. Learn more here!


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The Importance of Air Sealing.

Air sealing is perhaps the most important step you can take in increasing the energy efficiency of your home. Find out why.



The Economics of Energy Efficiency and Renewables

When most people think home energy, they think two things: energy efficiency and renewable energy. Start here to learn more about the economics of your options.


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Home Energy Yardstick

Compare your household's energy use to others across the country and get recommendations for improvement. Check it out!