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5 Things to Keep in Mind Before Remodeling Your Basement

1.        Ensure the basement is dry.

According to the American Society of Home Inspectors, ~60% of basements get wet periodically.  This water infiltration can be caused by leaking gutters, cracks in the foundation, poor grading, etc.  Before you begin any renovations, have your basement assessed to determine if you will need to add drainage tile, a sub pump, or fix any of the above-mentioned problems.  Basement seepage or flooding can ruin all the finishes in a renovated basement.  Start with a dry basement.

2.        Invest in a waterproof basement finish system.     

Attic Ventilation: Is it really the attic cure-all?

Got icicles? You need better ventilation.  Got mold in the attic? You need better ventilation.  Got ice dams? You need better ventilation.   Hot 2nd floor in the summer? You need better ventilation.  Wow, a magic bullet solution to all that ails attics!  Now, if it actually worked...

A well drafting chimney. Not a drafty chimney.

Having an upward draft in your chimney helps to carry away smoke & combustion fumes from your fireplace (or water heater, furnace, etc.).  If the draft up has turned into a draft in, the cold air is the least of your worries.  The downward draft (infiltration) can redirect all or some of the exhaust into your home.  If the CO (carbon monoxide) is high, your CO detector should alert you.  But if the exhaust fumes are low in CO, the detector will be silent and you may simply think your allergies are kicking in.  In most cases, people notice the uncomfortable drafts and increased utility bills.

The Ugly Truth About Those Beautiful Icicles & How to Properly Prevent Them

Here are a few tips from my decades as a home inspector, energy auditor & property manager.

Icicles are caused by your home’s heat escaping to the attic and melting the snow faster than the environment can absorb the moisture. It then refreezes when it meets the cold eaves. Cold, unheated garage roofs never have icicle/ice dams. Look around and you’ll see it’s a fact.

Heat loss from the home comes mostly from air leaks, though duct leaks and missing insulation can contribute significantly. The most cost effective attic treatment is to SEAL all the gaps around light boxes, top plates, pipe penetrations, , etc. and then spread out your existing insulation to be even all around.

Celebrating A Strong Woman - Anne

This week we are celebrating our Office Manager Anne Blaske. Anne is the lifeline of Insight Property Services, Inc. She is the magician behind the curtains, making sure everything runs smoothly and efficiently. Anne's role is the Office Manager, but she does far more for the company that what is in her job title. For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and for the lady who makes all of our lives a litte better, thanks Anne! We hope you have a speedy recovery and can't wait to have you back in the office! 

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We Made NBC News!!

Ribbon Cutting & Open House

We Moved!

Insight has expanded and we recently moved into a new office.

On September 30th 2014, we celebrate with the Lisle Chamber for a Ribbon Cutting and Open House.

Join us at the Old House New House Home Show

The Old House New House® Home Show at Pheasant Run Resort is the largest, most innovative and longest-running home show in the Chicago area. This bi-annual event features 300 award-winning contractors, creative craftsmen and distinguished experts. Spectacular displays, cutting-edge workshops, appealing attractions and state-of-the-art products focus on home improvement, home life and enjoyment. This unique forum brings together hundreds of professionals and thousands of project-driven homeowners. This is the perfect opportunity to explore the latest in kitchens, baths, additions, landscaping, interior design, efficient appliances, and much more at The Old House New House Home Show. There are over 300 exciting displays! Knowledgeable professionals of the trade are at your finger-tips!

Killing Vampire Power & Saving Money

Learn how smart power strips work to kill vampire power in your home.  Warning:  contains humor.