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Building Science Training Series

Building Science Training Series

Insight is proud to participate in the Illinois Home Performance Building Science Training Series, designed for and by home energy efficiency professionals. MEEA developed this training series to help residential contractors and energy auditors prepare for Illinois Home Performance, stay up to date with the latest building science techniques, and earn BPI Continuing Education Credits (CEUs).

Hands-on Instruction

Combustion Safety Testing ($150, 4 BPI CEUs)

TBA – 8:30am-4:30pm: Register - Summary - Invitation

Although air sealing and adding insulation saves homeowners money on their heating bills, home performance contractors must be vigilant that they address safety issues in the home before performing these upgrades. Combustion safety testing is required in BPI standards and Illinois Home Performance, and this course will clarify common questions and explore proper testing of conditions often found in the field. In this one day crash course, students will learn how to accurately perform gas leak detection, CAZ depressurization, spillage testing, and carbon monoxide measurement in heating appliances such as water heaters, ovens, and furnaces.

Balancing Customer Wants and Needs ($30, 1.5 BPI CEUs)

TBA - 10am-12pm: Register - Summary - Invitation
TBA - 10am-12pm: Register - Summary - Invitation

Because home performance professionals build the reputation of the industry with each completed project, it is important to make sure that customers understand the comprehensive solutions that address for the comfort, safety, and efficiency issues in their homes. By marketing these solutions appropriately, home performance professionals can bolster their business while avoiding the pressure to overpromise results to homeowners. Students in this class will learn how to effectively communicate with homeowners, manage customer expectations, and prove the results of their home energy upgrade.

Add 3D Rendering to Your Toolox ($30, 1.5 BPI CEUs

3D Rendering

TBA – 1pm-3pm: Register - Summary - Invitation
TBA- 1pm-3pm: Register - Summary - Invitation

Three-dimensional building rendering software can add value to a home energy assessment and increase customers’ understanding of abstract building science concepts. In this course, students will learn how to use 3D building rendering to easily communicate complex topics to homeowners in order to generate more homeowner advocates for the home performance industry. Students will create a model from scratch based on real life scenarios.

Interested in both Customer Wants and Needs & 3D Rendering classes?

Register for both and save! ($50, 3 BPI CEUs)
TBA – 10am-3pm: Register - Summary - Invitation
TBA – 10am-3pm: Register - Summary - Invitation


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