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Ribbon Cutting & Open House

We Moved!

Insight has expanded and we recently moved into a new office.

On September 30th 2014, we celebrate with the Lisle Chamber for a Ribbon Cutting and Open House.


Congratulations on acquiring new office

Congratulations on acquiring new office, I wish I could join you people but I can't but I am sure you will be sharing pictures of the event in your next post.


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Good news, my congratulations, guys. I think there you will be feel yourself better.

Grand Home

Well its an auspicious event which is quit rare to see, good to see that your company has moved to new place as the old one surely sucks, I left the place due to the place, now I'm going to be back again forth.

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Promote to the group when you intend to have the excellent opening. In the event that I was you, I wouldn't confine who can come, I would promote and let everyone come. Have a lot of staff as you will ideally be occupied.

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