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Pre-Sale Walk Through - What You Should do Before Listing your Home

Spring is around the corner and so is the home selling/buying season.  If you are planning on selling your home soon, how do you improve your chances of finding a buyer & closing the sale in short order?  Your realtor will have good advice for you regarding tidying the home and generally improving its presentation.  Good curb appeal is key.  But at some point, the buyer’s inspector will be taking a much closer look.  What will be discovered? 

A realtor colleague, selling her home, had an offer rescinded after the home inspection.  With no explanation, she was unclear what issues were so unacceptable.  A pre-sale walk-through inspection discovered structural & moisture issues in the crawlspace and roof leaks in the attic.  Not the news you want to hear, but better dealt with sooner than later.  After correcting these issues, the home sold within a few weeks.

A pre-sale walk-through takes about 2 hours and covers major items in the home – roof, attic, crawlspaces, plumbing, moisture issues, electrical, and heating/cooling equipment.  You get a heads up of what a buyer’s inspector may make an issue of.  Some items should be corrected.  Others, like a failing furnace, may require getting a few quotes for replacement and offering the buyer a credit at closing.  Finding out issues early provides you time to determine repair options and fair cost estimates, whether the items are corrected, or a fair amount is credited.  Don’t lose a good buyer or give up thousands of dollars for repairs that could be done for a few hundred. 

To learn more about what is covered in a Pre-sale Walk-through inspection visit Pre-Sale Walk Through.