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Thermal Imaging

Energy Loss

The infrared camera is one of the most valuable tools we have to discover areas of heat loss or gain within a home. Tracking down paths of heat and air flow is an essential step in determining the underlying causes of discomfort and high utility bills.

Water Leaks

Have water damage? Not sure where it's coming from? Leaks may take odd paths between walls and floors leading to a visually obvious spot. This causes the source to be difficult to find.
With the infrared camera, Insight conducts thorough visual inspections to reveal the path of the moisture and track it to the source of the leak. Once the source and extent of water damage are revealed you will be able fully address the problem instead of just the symptoms.

Moisture Problems

Condensation issues are generally caused by a combination of high humidity and relatively cold surfaces. Infrared camera technology allows us to find these cold surfaces and zero in on areas of condensation. With the infrared images and further investigation, we can get to the bottom of almost any moisture issue you may be experiencing in your home.



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