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What's your path to Home Improvement

So you’ve noticed performance issues with your home – seasonal discomfort, icicles & ice dams, condensation, mold, poor air quality, etc.  You are prepared to spend money to make the home better. 


But what things need to be done? 

How should they be improved – what are the options?

And in what order should things be done? 


You’ve got that all figured out, right?


Like most people, you could use some advice about your home.  Why are these issues occurring?  What can be done about them?  In what order should things be done and what should you be planning for in the future?  A Home Performance Audit performed by a BPI certified Building Analyst provides the answers. 

You share the symptoms the home is experiencing, and your building consultant will Explain why issues are happening, provide advice of what to address & in what order, and provide improvement options and guidance into the future.  The Home Performance test should include inspections of moisture management, indoor air quality, insulation, pests, attic ventilation, home fresh-air exchange, building leakage (blower door test with infrared imaging), HVAC, and critical combustion safety. 

Improve the right things, the right way, in the right order, once. 

Your Insight building consultant will provide you professional advice – from one property owner to another.